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28 Mar 2024


Trade Setup

04 Mar 2024


We help you maximize your money by empowering you to make smarter financial decisions through our suite of useful tools and awesome content.

PickStock was founded in 2021 with the simple aim to help Indians make better financial decisions with numerous stocks in NSE and BSE. With multiple stocks and countless products out to consumers in the market today, navigating one's way through all the marketing and technical jargon while dodging the tactics of their overly pushy sales representatives simultaneously can be a major challenge, even for the experienced consumer.

By aggregating and consolidating product information to a single platform for comparison that's personalized to your unique consumer profile, we have put the power back into your hands. Whether it's and stock in NSE or BSE, we make information easy to understand and products easy to apply for - all in one place.

A single-minded passion to become the country's greatest resource for financial information on the Internet. And the belief, that through it, we would be able to make a difference to people's financial lives.

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